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Backflow Prevention

Have you received a letter from the Water Corporation telling you to have your backflow devices tested and aren’t sure what to do? That’s where we at Liquid Allsorts come in.

Backflow prevention devices at the boundary belong to the property owner and must be maintained by the owner/occupier. Testable backflow prevention devices must be installed on medium to high-risk properties.

These devices require testing and commissioning at least every 12 months or after any maintenance. A Licensed Plumbing Contractor who is permitted to test these devices must carry this out.

The Licensed Plumbing Contractor carrying out the testing must supply a completed test report to the licensee no more than 5 working days after the test is carried out. A penalty of $1,000 will be issued if a correctly completed test report is not received. Failure to maintain these backflow devices will result in the serving of a non-compliance notice.